Heal Thyself

Self-Help starts with a cut of U2: ‘It’s a beautiful day’. Cut to a comedian turned self-help guru ‘steering himself through existance’. Cut to commentary on Descartes: that the body interferes with the mind, that dualism is not sustainable…but empiricism and the new age thinkers enquiried into themselves: they thought about themselves a lot. Robery Boyle and brain exercises. Cut to advert on mental health exercises. Robert Boyle thinks diet needs to be modest so as not to excite the systems. He may not have had sex in his life, like Newton, so as not to interfere with their philosophical enquiries. Cut to commentary on Thomas Eliot talking about moderation and balance through exercise, what you eat, waste and how to control the ebb and flow of bodily functions. Cut to commentary on Robert Burton who  wrote ‘The anatomy of Richard Burton’….there we cut out of Radio 4 to Burton’s book:


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