The Time Ship

Space Force: the log of Magnus Carter: in the vicinity of Jupiter. Reports that an alien ship was travelling alongside. Two members of this ship boarded Space Force and asked us, the crew, to moor on the other side of Jupiter with threats of death if not obeyed. One member of Space Force is to be taken to the alien ship and one of the aliens to take his station on Space Force.

Space Force tries to resist but they change orbit as commanded by the aliens.

Magnus is on the alien ship. He asks the true colour of their skin. The aliens come from Corthea, 4 light years away, it took one earth year to travel that distance.

Jupiter is being orbited, with satellites circling around. Such as IO whose interior is on the boil and is turning itself inside out. There is also the Star-ship.

The alien ship moors, and the alien crew waits inside for the Space Force crew to dock. When they have done so, they are kept prisoners by the all-female crew of the Star-ship. They press the service button, a female (or projected image of one) appears and the crew ask for food. They eat. They press the button again and ask the female who appears what is to happen to them. She says that they as men will be kept as slaves, or be selected for breeding. One of the crew, Chipper, falls in love with the apparition, Jenny.

The leader of the Star-ship asks to see the Space Force crew. They travel through the Star-ship. ‘Is what you see on the screen the planet you hail from?’ she asks. That is where the message to the aliens was sent from. They talk of life. The orbiting satellites sent from Earth to explore Jupiter. Chipper is ordered to another part of the ship. When the rest of the crew protest, they are shot….


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