Sweeping Motions

I have moved back into my parent’s house. As a consequence I have items accumulated over the years back with me in one room, my bedroom. I have books, cds, records, a radio, paper, clothes, paints, pens, notes and notes, a computer, and a collection of lights. Yes it’s a mess.

In the future what do I do to keep my bedroom neat and tidy?

1. Imagine that I have a very special visitor coming to inspect. And that does not include my mom or dad. Maybe it’s my hero, say Ghandi for a chat, whilst I am waking up and still in bed, he shows up. And what better way to welcome than having tidied my room the night before.

2. Imagine my room as a reflection of my mental state. If I need to think about it that is fine. Just think of the satisfaction of comparing my room to my mind: each thing in its place like a dissection of the human brain, all in working order.

3. Imagine the implications of not having a clean room: bacteria treats six legged parasites, or clouds of dust contaminate lungs, or moth attacks clothes. Time for the hoover? Or the duster?

If those instructions don’t work maybe I can think of it as another set of instructions:

1. Look on the bright side

2. Do not let bugs contaminate my mind. It’s a war on bugs.

3. Look closer at the details

4. Put my heart into a blitz clean. Remember the bugs.

Anyhow for now its back to the mess.

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