Unequal Terms

What is it about inequality that is so mysterious? And how is it that we can demystify it?

Central to the question is that it exists. We are all suspects. And to fight inequality we need to reject it’s materialisation in any form of communication.

Inequality begins with incitement and can use suspense (by obscuring details to create a tension) to draw the victim in, leaving them in uncertainty.

To solve the danger of inequality we may face we need to become protagonists of ideas and action.

We need to offer a solution by examining each suspect’s motives.

Of course we need to lighten the load sometimes. Tension is heightened with foreshadowing, plot twists and different motives being offered.

As protagonist we will double proof-read. We are the detectives, we will examine all clues, motives, and alibis to find the guilty person.

The purpose of this blog is to solve the puzzle of inequality and to create a feeling of resolution with the reader so we can finish stronger.













.    .



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