Fourth Wall

Note to Earth

Dear Mankind,

It is a time of exploration and I am part of a space mission to uncover a monolith laid by extra-terrestrials on Jupiter 4,000,000 years ago. Here in space, I know I am at the forefront of mankind’s search to break through the fourth wall and use the monolith’s discovery for the benefit of the future.

Unfortunately in my search, I was being persecuted by HAL9000, a sentient computer on board that came to the conclusion that I was useless to the space-ship. He tried to rid of me and run the ship alone. But this was a mistake.  And so I was forced to disable HAL.

I have now entered the fifth dimension and by the time you read this I will have completed my mission and evolved to become a star.



ps. This letter is dated 2001, but written in 1968, and may take until the year 2014 to reach you


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