Grand Slam

thCA4ELS8EI challenge myself to hit a grand slam, a walk-off home run, as I do every night, to write this blog in ninety minutes; to do something that may have an effect on my life in ten, twenty, or thirty years, when I am still writing this blog, and perhaps something may have come of it: a connection with people that gives me incentive to get up in the morning.

We are waiting for a cosmic event which can change the history of the planet. Maybe in the future I am part of a world where every human interaction occurs through a computer. In that world things would be different. Systems of communication: political, economic, philosophical, inhabited within the brain’s neural networks and experienced as a visual output on-line: all it needs is someone to donate their mind to this research, literally; and in return we become the circuit boards which play out human relationships of love and war, madness and sanity, right and wrong.


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