Trio No. 3

These days I am never out late, because I prefer being at home working at my blog to anything else. It is a dark night, quiet out and I have the lights on in the house. I prefer this time to any other. As a rule I try to spend ninety minutes on each post, sometimes it works out less, I don’t care as long as its not a mess. Because it is a dark night, it is hard to tell the time passing.

Working late may not be for everyone. Some people may live for nightlife. There used to be a club, which I never frequented but had heard of, set up in a converted 1913 cinema, in the 80’s, in South London, which played house and trance music, as well as hip hop and funk. The club was named The Fridge*. (I remember watching the NFL when younger: I can never forget ‘The Fridge’* aka William Perry, an American footballer who played for the Eagles and the Cubs, so named because of his size.)  It closed in 2010.

Tears for Fears are a UK band with a hit song: ‘Sowing the Seeds of Love’, which features a sunflower, much like Van Gogh’s, in the excellent video to the track (which can be found on You Tube).

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