Let It Be

I have missed two days worth of posts. Why? Because my hard drive broke down.

You see when I turned the computer on, various messages appeared, to explain:
1. That my PC needed to be repaired
2. That it would try to repair itself
3. That it could not repair itself.

Couldn’t whatever cookie it was that pushed my hard drive too far just have left me alone. No.

So the PC Doctor: a man with a bag of spare hard drives, one of which is now in my PC, is called. And he is paid for parts and labour. And he leaves the old hard drive: a piece of circuit board in-cased in a heavy duty metal casing, for me.

I mean repairs costs money.

I can’t help but feel cheated out of a whole load of bytes that made this computer mine: all my pictures, documents and music have been wiped.

Plus all the links I made on-line have been lost.

So I suppose I have to restart from this blog and build.

<a href=”http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/let-it-be/”>Let It Be</a>


2 thoughts on “Let It Be

    1. Thanks for concern. I just hope that the other users of this computer do not freak out when they find out what has been lost.


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