Bad Signal

Written a few months in the future:

Now that I hear it I recognise it as my voice. I must have left the message three or four months ago. Sometimes I don’t check messages on my answer machine. Maybe I rang myself in my sleep. Certainly I can’t make out the words. All I hear is “I’m sorry, I should have told you months ago, Bye”.

At that instant, I switch on my blog. And I see that my blog name has been changed. How? Maybe something I wrote triggered the change? Or some mechanism of ‘WordPress’ has suggested that a name change may benefit me. The same mechanism that left me the phone  message. But why say ‘sorry’?

I look back at the entry’s, to see that I started writing this blog a few months back: my writing has improved and I feel more confident expressing myself than ever. I have started to take photos and add them to my site too.

I notice that I spend more time on other people’s blogs than I should.

I now have a stack of followers and more likes than I can manage. I have been nominated for countless blog awards. I have started to earn money from off-shoots, including short stories that I have written, which means I am spending most of my time writing.

How did all this happen?

Was the message on my phone warning me that I would be enveloped in the success of blogging? That it would take over my life, like I never imagined it? That I would be happier than I have ever been with my new found community of friends? That it’s success has made a difference?

‘Don’t change whatever it is that is working’, I hear myself say to the message on the phone.

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