No Time to Waste

If I could I would spend all my time at my blog. If only this were possible. But life is to short too achieve perfection, so instead I’ll just keep going the best I can:

Because life is too short to not know what I want my post to say. Someone once told me: stop spending your energy on deciding what to do, and spend it on what you have decided to do.

I can stare at a blank screen for however long. But by now I have strategies to overcome writer’s block:

1. Take time to look at the question before returning with an answer.
2. Read other people’s entrys

Now that I have chosen what to write on I have a time limit I set myself to post. I start with something simple and then expand, take breaks whilst writing, re-read old entries and I go over and over what I have written until I reach my time limit.

I make ‘Comments’, or ‘Likes’; in short I make time to read other people’s blogs, and to create a community for myself.

I respond to ‘The Daily Post’ challenges because for me a challenge can bring rewards.

But remember if life is still too short for all this, a post can always wait until a later date.

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