Oil, Meet Water

The closest person to me is me.

I can be completely out of character in certain situations, which can make it impossible to get along with myself, and I am often left in confusion.

But now I have my blog. And somehow, as long as I am able to write each day, I get by just fine. Because I know that I have somewhere where I can be just me.

So: oil, meet water:

One moment: angry
The next: calm

One moment: poet
The next: scientist

One moment: fiction
The next: fact

One moment: psychic
The next: psychiatry

One moment: mysterious
The next: practical

One moment: romantic
The next: modern

One moment: soulful
The next: pop

If I look at my on-line persona, it is a mixture of all of the above. It takes work, but somehow it works out to give me something that I like. That’s the main thing I suppose.

<a href=”http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/oil-meet-water/”>Oil, Meet Water</a>

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