Trio no. 4

I read other people’s posts and sometimes it feels like they are writing at the pace of a speeding car: not only is there content but there is lots of it. If I were to provide a similar metaphor for my blog: I would be a car that is sure and steady, but that has to make regular pit stops; perhaps doesn’t go as far as those speeding cars, but still doesn’t slip up, unlike the fast ones who maybe do.

Whether it is to myself or to someone in particular; I want what I write to carry a lightness that allows it to translate into a  phone call. I think in this is the best of the other blogs I read. Please don’t let things don’t get to wordy.

All the posts that I write aim for the the clarity of a crisp, bright morning, and I like those bloggers who can convey that clarity whether it is through a poem, a profile, a letter, whether it is instructional, or it is a rant, or photograph. Enough of the stuff that doesn’t relate to the question already.

OK: joke time:

There are three travellers: X,Y,Z. It is a crisp, bright morning. And all three are crossing the desert in a speeding car. The car breaks down. There is no reception to make a phone call. They are stuck. It is burning hot as the sun rises. They each have a wish. X decides to walk and asks for a flask of water. Y decides to walk and asks for an umbrella. And Z decides to wait and asks for the door of the car so he can wind the window down.

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