Ready, Set, Done!

I am most happy at my blog. If I could I would spend all my time at my blog. Even when I am not at my computer I am thinking about ‘The Daily Post’ challenge. I respond to ‘The Daily Post’ challenges because for me a challenge can bring rewards. Once I have chosen what to write on I have a time limit I set myself to post. I start with something simple and then expand, take breaks whilst writing, re-read old entries and I go over and over what I have written until I reach my time limit. And somehow, as long as I am able to write each day, I get by just fine. You see writing this consumes me in such a way that I disappear into a well where the sun cannot reach. Because I know that there I can be just me.  Of course there is struggle but behind it something breathes over and over, seizing the mystery. And this is reflected in writing. Because but for the records of the readership of my blog, I have no account of myself.

I love reading especially if I can talk to the authors. I read some great blogs. I can fall back into a colourful dream marked by other people’s blogs: I climb out of my well. I see the sun shining, fluffy clouds hovering and shifting shapes with the breeze ruffling my hair, a force against my face, which becomes weathered as I grow older, into a chiselled surface. I see the depth of the lake surrounded by green mountains. I jump in the crystal clear water. The meniscus forms a tension between the edge of the water and my flesh, which becomes hard. I am frozen. The sun melts me. It starts raining and I am underneath a rainbow. I look up and find myself sat protected with a blanket from the cold. But my hairs are standing on edge. I forget everything, find the well and climb back in, to worlds to be discovered and communities to be created; as I make my ‘Comments’, or ‘Likes’.

As I was told: ‘Keep writing!’. And as I tell others: ‘Keep reaching for the stars!’.

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