By Hand

I suppose the best present that I have recieved that was hand-made is this website which allows me to write to you. I mean the programmers who created it used their fingers (with a little help from some super computer), right? Is this cheating? Anyhow I got it for free, so it is kind of a gift: it has an interface so that I can adapt my writing to fit in with a design; it has lots of apps which I can use to determine how well the site is doing.

And it has cool staff who keep us occupied with ‘The Daily Post’ challenges. Because of this I am able to read other people’s posts, which on the whole are awesome, and I am able to comment on why I like what I like and if I really like it to follow the author. Sometimes people write back to me: I have recieved comments from published authors, which of course is great, especially if they decide to follow me.

In conclusion I can spend hours and hours on my wordpress account without feeling (too) guilty about missing out on those chores around the house!

<a href=””>By Hand</a>


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