Golden Key

I have the key to a box that tells its owner what they should write each night as they sit infront of a computer faced with ‘The Daily Post’ challenge. It gives them an idea and then helps to expand it into a coherent prose for their blog. Also in this box are instructions on how to improve the design of a site and ways in which to engage with other bloggers faced with a similar challenge.

The questions are:

1. If I give you the golden key would you use it?
2. And if you do open it do you share the contents with others?

Isn’t this how it works anyway? You may ask.

After all we use the intructions we have to improve our site from the ‘WordPress’ team. And most of the prompts are from other users. And ideas come from other people’s entries. So we are already sharing a sort of magic box. After all one key question can unlock the door to hundreds of responses. I mean once you have read each day’s challenge, and gotten your inspiration, it is your turn to pass on your thoughts, and we do it one after the other, so we all share the magic.

But always remember: there is still a box, to be opened, for he/she who dares.

<a href=””>Golden Key</a>

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