Salad Days

untitledIf I were to think back on my own personal life from the future, I would think of this era as the ‘good old days’:

I have a website where I have people following me; and even if someone leaves a single ‘Like’ it can provide satisfaction.

I am participating in ‘The Daily Post’ challenge, which is rewarding: my writing is improving day by day: I have learnt how to use different genres, from historical fiction to magic realism in different types of prose, whether it is a poem or an open letter.

I have started to take pictures with my camera in response to ‘The Daily Post”s: Photography 101, and other photo-site’s prompts, which gives me a kick.

I am looking into the What is Writing 201: Beyond the Blog? course

Not only that: I am discovering other people’s worlds everyday; as I access their responses to the Daily Prompt. And if I dare to ‘Comment’ or simply ‘Like’ on what I read, I know good things will come of it.

As I reach out to others, so others reach out to me.

These are the ‘good old days’; may they never end.

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