Cousin It

I suppose I am the eccentric out of my family:

I write the same words over and over without ever tiring of hearing them:

(I have chosen what to write on and I have set myself a time limit. I start with something simple and then expand, take breaks whilst writing, re-read old entries and I go over and over what I have written until I reach my time limit:)

I like to say how much this blog means to me:

How much more confidence I have in my writing now. How I have learnt different genres from historical fiction to sci-fi to magic realism, incorporated in the form of open letters or profiles or even poems.  All this thanks to ‘The Daily Post’ who sets these challenges which makes you and I feel rewarded for having participated: as we are developing a WordPress community, whose friendships come from the same source, those ‘Daily Prompts’, and just through a ‘Like’ here or a ‘Comment’ there.

Of course I would like to have a stack of followers and more ‘Likes’ than I can manage, to be nominated for countless blog awards, to have started to earn money from off-shoots, including short stories that I have written, to spend most of my time writing: but somehow, as long as I am able to write each day, I get by just fine. Because I know that I have somewhere where I can be just me.

If that makes me an eccentric, then so be it.

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