Sparkling or Still

On a perfect day off, I would have the whole day to write, as if in a still vacuum, producing sparkling prose.

No house chores, no errands, no need for breakfast, lunch, dinner, no need to converse with anyone (except myself), no need for sleep, no need for the TV. I may have to change computers as the computer I now use is used by others: so no need to let others use the computer.

I have just registered for the ‘Writing 201: Beyond the Blog’ challenge where I will begin to explore long-form writing from interviews through instructional pieces and opinion pieces and ending with a personal essay (all high word counts!) with the aim to find a means to publish the written in a way chosen by me; all by ‘work-shopping’: offering feedback to others (yes, I am nervous about opening myself up to others, but we are all in it together, right?).

Set to start on Monday, December 1, I may need a few perfect days to complete the challenge.

And if not perfect, I suppose I will have to find time.

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