Shaken and Stirred

Okay, this can be as complicated as you make it. This word soup, entitled ‘Genre Blender’ comes straight from the ‘WordPress archives’:

Briefly the idea is to ‘mash up’ different genres and styles; genres include: historical fiction, magic realism, sci-fi/fantasy, mystery/crime, romance and satire; styles include poem, profile, open letter, instructional, rant, and photograph.  (And don’t worry if you are not sure how to write in a particular style or of a particular genre, there are links that provide instruction.)

Now pick one (or more) of each and blend (preferably shaken and stirred).

For example:

‘A profile of yourself on your trip to an alien colony in outer-space written as a prose poem.’

‘You write an open letter to your partner giving him/her instructions on the best way to pursue romance after breaking up.’

‘A satirical view of the perfect Christmas set in the year of Jesus Christ’s birth written as a rant.’

Now that’s tasty soup.

<a href=””>Shaken and Stirred</a>


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