Under the Snow

For me, to be caught in an avalanche would be akin to experiencing writer’s block.

I write when it is dark out. So each evening I answer ‘The Daily Post’s’ ‘Daily Prompt’. One could say that that gives me the strength to make it through the night, a night which is all too often filled with nightmares of scary, dangerous situations.

The following list of strategies has given me the mental strength to complete the day’s task of making a post:

1. Take time to look at the question before returning with an answer
2. Read other people’s entries
3. Set a limit for how much time spent or how long the post is
4. Start with something simple and then expand
5. Take breaks whilst writing
6. Re-read old entries
7. If people are reading the posts, respond to their likes
8. Play around with design layout

9. Know that the post can be completed at a later date/time

I thank myself for getting through these long winter nights.

<a href=”http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/under-the-snow/”>Under the Snow</a>


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