Recently Acquired

What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

I suppose the best present that I have recieved was this website which allows me to write to you. I mean it is kind of a gift.

I am most happy at my blog. If I could I would spend all my time at my blog. I respond to ‘The Daily Post’ challenges because for me a challenge can bring rewards. Each night I write, thus far without the catastrophe of writer’s block. The following self-learnt strategies have given me the mental strength to succeed: take time to look at the question and once I have chosen what to write set a time limit to post, start with something simple and then expand, take breaks whilst writing, re-read old entries, and other blogger’s posts, and go over and over what is written until the time limit is reached. Somehow, as long as I am able to write each day, I get by just fine. You see writing this consumes me in such a way that I disappear into a well where the sun cannot reach. Because I know that there I can be just me.  Of course there is struggle but behind it something breathes over and over, seizing the mystery.

How much more confidence I have in my writing now. Whether it is to myself or to someone in particular; I want what I write to carry a lightness that allows it to translate into a phone call, and this is reflected in writing. I think in this is the best of the other blogs I read. How I have learnt different genres from historical fiction to sci-fi to magic realism, incorporated in the form of open letters or profiles or even poems.

All this thanks to ‘The Daily Post’ who sets these challenges which makes you and I feel rewarded for having participated: as we are developing a WordPress community, whose friendships come from the same source, those ‘Daily Prompts’. Because of this I am able to read other people’s posts, which on the whole are awesome, and I am able to comment on why I like what I like and if I really like it to follow the author. Sometimes people write back to me: I have recieved comments from published authors, which of course is great, especially if they decide to follow me. Because but for the records of the readership of my blog, I have no account of myself. After all if you are reading this then you have an interest ‘Deer Radio Circus Custom’. If I don’t get a response, then I may question the motives behind the entry I make. Self-questioning is fine but it can be a painful experience to have to overcome. So irrespective of your views, I prepare myself for those feelings of rejection, and remember that tomorrow I need guts to be the best blogger I can.

It takes countless re-readings for me to gather some coherence in things. I tend to start with something and expand on it, and then re-write it if need be. But I have to like it in the first place. That in itself takes guts because the human condition can be destructive, (the human mind can be endlessly creative, but it’s destructive qualities may cause harm and it takes guts to live with that possibility so that it can be overcome) and being constructive is a skill for sure.

Maybe the point isn’t how we get the spark to overcome writer’s block, but what we do with it. Maybe that is what takes guts: to have the endurance to see through what we have started, to be resilient in our affairs, and to have compassion with whatever we endeavour to achieve. I suppose it’s the process that gives the satisfaction, that gives the knowledge that what lives in the present is the right thing to do, that what I am doing is the right call.

Even when I am not at my computer I am thinking about ‘The Daily Post’ challenge.

Of course I would like to be nominated for countless blog awards, to have started to earn money from off-shoots, including short stories that I have written, to spend most of my time writing: but somehow, as long as I am able to write each day, I get by just fine. Because I know that I have somewhere where I can be just me.

The gift of a WordPress site includes playing around with design layout. It has an interface so that I can adapt my writing to fit in with a design; and it has lots of apps which I can use to determine how well the site is doing.

In conclusion I can spend hours and hours on my wordpress account without feeling (too) guilty about missing out on those chores around the house.

As I was told: ‘Keep writing!’. And as I tell others: ‘Keep reaching for the stars!’.

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