One at a Time

Dear Sir/Miss,

You read this in the past.

I am not here. You may look for me, but you will not find me. It’s not that I am a fake, or that I hide what I am, or that I am scared, it’s just that I do not want you to find me. So I hide from you and others who may seek to ask me how I am. ‘How are you?’ you may ask. But I do not know how I am. Or you may say, ‘Come and play’. But I may not want to play. So I can’t please your sense of duty to me. You shall not hear or see me. I have erased all note of my being in your world. I sit in a well and think on my own. In peace.

I shall not hear you. I wear a foil hat that stops the sound you make from being let in to my psyche. I shall not hear you. And I shall not see you. I shield my eyes with a tint of red. I shall not see you. Now, in the same way you do not know where I am, I do not know where you are.

So we are free of each other.

Maybe one day you may chance to find me, when I have shown you where I live, how I live, why I live, and I may choose to hear you and see you, then may we be friends or at least hear each other out, for we may have lots to share.



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