Alphabet Soup

I wouldn’t like to say that writing this post is as ‘Easy as ABC’. It clearly isn’t, and it would be lying. I have a leviathan from ‘myleviathan’ which I seek to defeat in each post. So though I may have nothing to say and everything to lose, and I sometimes feel like being on the other side of the world, on a desert island, with some prized possessions, maybe some books, to keep me company, I meet with my conscious everyday (even though I hide from it most of the time) to share what I have learnt.

First off staring at a blank page can sometimes be a frightening experience. After all there are limitless possibilities of combinations of words  and of different meanings. And sometimes the first thing written may not make sense, which might raise concern, because if I don’t know what it means then I don’t suppose you do. But there must be a spark to overcome the fear, like a big bang, of our present, or of the memories we have, as both the best of times, and the worst of times.

I suppose the best present I have received is this website and the challenges it sets. Yes I suffer from writer’s block, but you see I have strategies to give me the mental health to succeed, like taking time to look at the question,  re-reading old entries, and other blogger’s posts, starting with something simple and then expanding, taking breaks whilst writing, and going over and over what is written until I reach my limit, and somehow if I am able to write each day, I get by just fine. I have more confidence in my writing now.

But, but for the records of the readership of my blog, I have no account of myself. If I don’t get a response, then I may question the motives behind the entries I make. Self-questioning is fine, but it can be a painful experience to have to overcome. I suppose it takes guts to keep writing, in this destructive world, and to re-read, to get the satisfaction of having the endurance, the resilience and compassion to keep posting.

Even when I am not at my computer I am thinking about ‘The Daily Prompt’, about how I would like to be nominated for those blog awards, or to earn money from imagined short stories, but for the moment I try to be me. I try to fit in with the gift of the WordPress team’s design templates and make use of the widgets.

Some may say that the best bit of advice is to follow your own judgement, determining that what lies deepest in the heart, is the best cause of action. I wouldn’t give that advice to anyone but myself because writing this blog may be the only thing I know how to do. And ‘if I can make it here, I’ll make it anywhere’.

As I was told: ‘Keep writing’ and as I tell others: ‘Keep reaching for the stars’.

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