In Due Time

Of course I have to say my most pressing deadline is the completion of this entry to my blog.

Yes I suffer from writer’s block, but you see I have strategies to give me the mental health to succeed: like taking time to look at the prompt,  reading other bloggers’ posts, re-reading and sometimes re-editing old entries to make new ones, taking breaks, and going over and over what is written until I reach my limit. Somehow if I am able to do that each day, I get by just fine.

I have more confidence in my writing now. You see writing this consumes me in such a way that I disappear into a well where the sun cannot reach.  Because I know that there I can be just me. In the first place I have to like what I write. That takes guts. And then to have the endurance and resilience to see through with what has started. And finally the compassion to connect with others. Of course there is a struggle but behind it something breathes over and over, seizing the mystery, keeping me alive. I suppose it’s the process that gives me satisfaction, that gives me the knowledge that what lives in the present is the right thing to do, that what I am doing is the right call.

Even when I am not at the computer, I am thinking about ‘The Daily Prompt’,

All this thanks to ‘The Daily Post’ who sets challenges which make you and I feel rewarded for having participated. So develops a WordPress community, whose friendships derive from the same source, those ‘Daily Prompts’. Now I am able to read other people’s posts, which on the whole are awesome, and I am able to comment on why I like what I like and if I really like it to follow the author. Sometimes people write back to me: I have received comments from published authors, which of course is great, especially if they decide to follow me.

As I was told: ‘Keep writing!’

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