Getting Seasonal

The holiday season: can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already? Has your attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?

Does it matter? This is cyber-space after all. I suppose in this technological framework, celebrations, complete with gift-giving, do exist.

The gift that I would like to receive is a name-change from ‘Deer Radio Circus Custom’. Can you come up with a new name for me?

Perhaps I should explain that my present name started as ‘Radio Circus’, so called because this site used to be an archive of transcripts from radio shows from the BBC. The idea was that these would provide inspiration for me to write poetry, prose, and other forms of fiction. That hasn’t happened yet but I have started to post some of these transcripts under the category of ‘Radio Reviews’, because I believe they make for compelling reading. Maybe this can spark my dream of being a writer.

To explain how the rest of the name came about: I believe that it is a conjugation of three different sites, of which ‘Radio Circus’ is the central one, ‘Deer’ the last from the previous, and ‘Custom’ the first of the next. Anyhow it was decided for me, because the next thing I know, having posted my pingback, I search ‘The Daily Post’ and find myself in the grid as ‘Deer Radio Circus Custom’. I can analyse meaning from the name, but as you can see, it was purely chanced upon.

Maybe I should add some extra information:

My website is entitled ‘’. The inspiration behind ‘myleviathan’ came from the novel ‘Moby Dick’. It transpires that the word ‘leviathan’ has been used for countless myths (including the bible of course), a philosphical treatise for the Commowealth (by Hobbes), and in fiction (from Milton to Paul Auster). To find out about all that and more you can check my post ‘Leftovers Sandwiches’ dated November 28th.

My gravatar name is laurentbiragduriaud2014 which has to be changed to 2015 for next year, yikes!

And if it is worth anything, I use the ‘Penscratch Theme’. Thanks ‘WordPress’!

So now you know most everything. I have given myself until Christmas day to finalise the name change.

<a href=””>Getting Seasonal</a>


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