Final Trio

I once had a wooden bookcase, with a grided shelving system, perfect to fill with twelve inch vinyl records, singles, EPs, and LPs, and some seven inches too, at a guess I had three hundred or so stacked in that shelf, all with original covers, although some so ‘fresh’ they were without labels, many found looking in second-hand shops, for brazilian sambas, salsas, or jazz, big bands, classical avant-garde sixties stuff or in speciality niche markets for different bpms (beats per minutes) of electronic dance music, some scratched and most crackling through wear and tear, but still clear enough for me to keep loving, and if I had to chose one above the rest, of these records now packed away in cardboard boxes, it would be an album by ‘Omni Trio’, a drum and bass production unit, a ground breaking record I played out as a ‘DJ’ many years back to an audience who maybe had never heard anything like it, but raved about it afterwards, after this post entitled ‘Final Trio’.

<a href=””>Final Trio</a>


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