Cause, Meet Effect

Oh, what can I do for you to make me a ‘Like’ or a ‘Comment’, or even post me a nomination for a Blog Award, that may lead to a short story and a wage from someone out there.

I suppose I have to be the best I can be, to be thankful of the gift for this website, to take time to look at the ‘prompts’, to read your entries, to re-read my entries and re-edit them into something new, within this time limit to go over and over what is the word. Somehow if I do this I get by being the best I can be.

So when I stare at the blank empty space I wait for a spark, like a big bang with all memories accumulated into the present moment, to meet with my leviathan, to kick the bucket and overcome the fear of writer’s block and meet the challenge.

I need guts to see through my ideas, endurance and resilience to finish what I have started and compassion to share it with you. Because that is how I can be just me. This blog keeps me alive, seizing the mystery of my mind, and living in the present, with me, yes me, making the calls, ‘at the best of times, at the worst of times’

And in that moment is the best of satisfaction, because then I know comes the response, there are people out there. I am able to read other people’s posts, which on the whole are awesome, and I am able to comment on why I like what I like and if I really like it to follow the author. All this thanks to ‘The Daily Post’ who have set up this democratic space, that creates rewards for having participated in the understanding that what happens to you happens to me.

So I follow my own judgement, determining that what lies deepest in the heart is the best cause of action, after all writing this blog may be the only thing I know how to do. And ‘if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere’.

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