My Hero

My heroes are the users of ‘The Daily Post’, who without fail rise to the challenge of a ‘Daily Prompt’ and inspire their community with awesome posts, sharing thoughts on anything and everything, with compassion. Thankfully it is possible to like, to comment on, and to follow my heroes which makes it all the more special.

Of course, I would have to thank those behind the scenes at WordPress, for being the coolest team out there, for bringing us tasks that make us who we are in this democratic space that creates rewards for having participated in the understanding that what happens to you happens to me.

With endurance and resilience I have posted everyday since I started rising to ‘The Daily Prompt’, by re-reading my entries and re-editing them into something new, within my limit to go over and over my words, and seize the mystery of my mind by making a coherent post. To do this I wait for a spark, like a big bang with all memories accumulated into the present moment, and then I make the calls in the form of a response. So I follow my own judgement, determining that what lies deepest in the heart is the best cause of action, because writing this blog may be the only thing I know how to do. And ‘if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere’. If I do say so myself, I deserve a pat on the back, for being my own hero.

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4 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. I, too, have posted every day since April 1 of 2014. Unfortunately, WordPress once more rejects my pingbacks…After doing so for 3 weeks they worked for a few days, then ceased to work again. So, you can see my yesterday’s post by going to my blog. Merry Xmas! Judy

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