Tight Corner

I have said before that I would like a copy of a Salman Rushdie book, maybe ‘Haroun and the Sea of Stories’, signed, as a symbol of the preciousness of literature with respect to life.

Rushdie is the superstar who painted himself into the proverbial corner because of his words in ‘The Satanic Verses’, where he rewrote part of the Quran. His book was banned in many countries and was even burnt in protest, as it was considered the dangerous enemy of freedom and truth. How strange. Because now Rushdie was a virtually a prisoner in his own house, with a fatwa proclaimed, and fear following him whenever he ventured into the public. And so he went into hiding, while waiting for his words ‘to dry’. Some nine years after declaring fatwa, Iranian authorities affirmed that they would not be involved in any attempts on Rushdie’s life. Rushdie’s reply: ‘The Satanic Verses’ is not ‘an anti-religious novel….’.

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