New Skin

‘I prefer not to say’. That is the answer ‎I like to give when faced with questions about my identity. You know that ‘form’ at the end of an application which asks you for your age, sex, ethnic origin, etc, etc.

Maybe this is because I like to keep myself hidden from categories from those who seek to categorise.

It is different here sitting typing these words before you. Writing gives us the freedom to be who we want. And it is left for the author to determine what qualities that freedom takes. If only that freedom could extend to our personal specs. Like we become what we write as. Making sense?

I mean for me to be able to write a story as someone who I am not, like to switch between narrators, is an awesome concept. Should I think of myself as having multiple personalities to achieve this? Like I am a fragmented soul with different voices that stand for different people or even just ‘sentient beings’.

My body may fix me to a gender and generation and all the rest, but on my gravatar of this site there is no photo of me. And though my name may give away my sex, my other traits are concealed. I am not sure whether this is good or bad or neither, but what you know about me is as far as possible deducted from the posts that I write.

After all, my character can be created through how much I reveal to you in ‘The Daily Prompts’.

So if I were to reveal who I am to you, what would I say? Well here goes:
I am male, thirty-seven, stand one metre eighty-one, my eyes are brown, I have a british-french passport, and that is just about as much as I want to share just now. I hope the rest can be accounted for later, as we get to know each other better.

So you see, as this year drifts by, like an onion shedding it’s skin, I will reveal a little more of myself post by post, and if I forget something, or am unwilling to share, I know I can count on you to hold me to my word.

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