Be the Change

What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

I don’t know anything about changing the world, but I do have qualities that may make me something for someone out there. Previously we talked about identities, today about characteristics. To keep a blog takes endurance, resilience, and compassion, which all serve to raise self-esteem. There’s no you and me, we are in this together, one ‘prompt’, many answers. Writing a blog has a consequence, like a chain effect, when I read other responses, I say, wow, that is awesome to be able to  communicate in such a powerful way, and only with words. So here is to writing as a method to unite people. We know the power of a book, and now we have publishing through the internet. Reading a blog is ‘like experiencing life itself’, and more so because we know the author, because we have chosen to put ourselves on-line. And each time that happens we become part of a community. When I see myself amidst my contemporaries, I see myself strengthen, because of the integrity of this platform which we all share. There is no teacher here other than ourselves. Through the self-determination we exhibit when we post, we become more than our parts, we become an individual, that stands for something beyond what it says on the form, that is transitory and ephemeral, and that escapes categorisations. Because we are shaping the future, whether we choose to or not, by waiting until tomorrow’s challenge, until we meet again.

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