My first day feels like a hello and goodbye all together. It is like regeneration. Like a point on a circle that never stops spinning, that lives forever and is in the immediate present of now.

Like the excitement and nervousness of that first day at school, or the freedom felt on that first day living on one’s own, or the diligence needed on that first day of work, or the bravery needed to post that first blog.

These are some characteristics present on that first day. ‘And they may reoccur’ in life at different moments, ‘and as they do, I try to observe them, let them pass and to refocus on the present’*, remembering that each present moment is a first, like on that first day.

All firsts are made of memories, like a big bang with all memories accumulated into that present moment. And these memories may provoke emotions that bring us back into the present.

After all ‘a mind may wander, full of thoughts, daydreams, worries, but we can bring ourselves back to that present with our breath’*, and each breath is like the first breath on that first day.

*rephrasing of words spoken during a ‘mindfulness’ session

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