For Posterity

For posterity, meaning if I am not around to conduct this post anymore, for example if I were to pass away, say at this moment, then maybe my ghost will keep the correspondences of ‘Now and Forever’. For you see my future as a ‘sentient being’ may be determined by your involvement on this site. If I receive ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ then my spirit shall live on until it has been decided in what form I shall return. Some say this takes upto thirteen days. What I do in those thirteen days is to take stock of all my achievements thusfar, which shall include a series of daily posts following prompts. In these thirteen days I aim to reconfigure my blog into a viral sensation. Thirteen days trapped in cyberspace to achieve some form of fame, where quality of input counts as much as quantity. All this before I escape to freedom, where my regeneration can take place. So you see how important you are. And if you need some convincing about my illusory existence, you can read ‘Ghosts on World Service’ where I comfort you in the knowledge that it is true, ghosts do exist. Now you know I have been chosen to haunt this cyberspace by subscribing to be the spiritual guardian of ‘’ do not fear, I am neither from heaven nor hell but I do stand at the ‘pearly gates’, and you are my judge and jury.

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