A sanctuary is a place where you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember where you are. Write about the place you go when everything is a bit too much.

Damn, I forgot what it was I wanted to write. Maybe because today is a day I need to give thanks.

For those moments when the mouse clicks on the icon that leads me to a new post, sometimes from memory of previous articles, 0f an author who has become like one of my rocks, someone who I look to, to provide comfort and often compassion in their words, sometimes biographical muses, philosophical eccentrics, or poetic existentialists, the combinations of words are never ending, and sometimes to an unknown author whose depth of experience is an inspiration, quite literally, someone to follow through the deed of responding to today’s question.

But wait, because I cannot get enough of those awesome posts, for those of you who deserve more, another click on ‘Like’ or a reassuring ‘Comment’, I offer my apologies, but remember they are your words and no one can take them away from you, because you deserve it.

And so we go on, to find sanctuary in this universe of ‘blogspace’. Where we learn that ‘silence is no reason not to be heard’*.

With thanks to those out there who prepare this platform, who have created this democratic platform, which through empathy we communicate, thanks to us, may we indulge ourselves in these precious moments.

So whether those moments reoccur in the vast expanse of wilderness, the aroma of the coffee shop, the bantor of a friend, going for a walk in the city, closing the door to your room, I give thanks here, to you through these words.

How powerful indeed is it to write?

*Victor Hugo

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/oasis/”>Oasis</a&gt;


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