I Got Skills

If I could choose to be a master of any skill in the world, I would pick being an artist. So that I could write, paint, take photos, play music, and more.

So what does it take to be an artist? I have heard that it is 10% intuition and 90% perseverance. Which results in years of demanding practice.

I suppose because it is our creation, it is to do with creativity. From that very first spark, we are involved in a never-ending dance of matter, a big bang, where memories are accumulated in the creation of a present, our creation.

I suppose I would like to be known as an author. After all works of art are created by someone, or something. If I am lucky I may get to sign my work. Because being an artist requires a name and mine is laurentbiragduriaud, for copyright purposes.

I tend to believe being an artist is like being a craftsman. And every craftsman requires tools: for writing: the pen or word-processer; painting: paint; brush and paper; photography: camera; music: instrument. To be a master of technique on the chosen tool, becomes of an artist. And then to be able to manipulate matter into a form through the chosen instrument creates the art.

How many of us wish for our art to be recognised? How much of what we create is motivated by desire to be acknowledged by our peers?

Not everything I hope. Our spirit requires freedom of expression.

Of course there is a love of the art that extends beyond finance. Doing art maybe a luxury, like it is to philosophise, and certainly buying it is, even if the pleasure derived from owning something precious may outweigh the expense, but how many of us have the privledge to find out?

To stitch together all these thoughts as prompted by ‘The Daily Post’ is an art itself, which I maybe clumsy at, but practice makes perfect. All we need is time, conviction and commitment, with a little intelligence thrown in, so that we may communicate with each other.

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