Audience of One

I am pictureless as my gravatar’s space is empty. I promise to rectify this sometime if I can manage to crop and paste my face into that square icon. I have tried.

So I am writing into a blank space.

Dear Blank Space,

There used to be a time when I would never reread myself, but now, after pursuing my interests through the ‘Daily Prompt’ I enjoy rereading myself countless times. It is not just proofreading but enjoying the construction of my thoughts into various posts that make up ‘Now and Forever’.

So I admit this letter to you, that one without a portrait in the box.

Perhaps I am hiding you from all the admirers that follow you, or those that just post a comment or a simple like. As if your face may detract from whatever it is that I have chosen to write about. An exhibition of a sort of shyness I suppose. After all, all those readers have chosen to reveal themselves. Why let yourself be lost in cyberspace, faceless. Instead be proud of yourself and show your smile for the camera.

So we must unite. I may choose to show you just one side of my face, as a profile. If so the other side shall be hidden, just for you to know, as an opposite perhaps to the seen. Like a shadow you exist.

And when I reread myself on this post I shall think of all those different sides to me, to you, like a fragmented soul that comes together to share this time with our audience, those fearless ones that respond to the same prompts that we face.

Thank you for giving me the time to discuss these issues, and though you may not respond to me, I know that ‘silence is no reason not to be heard’.*

p.s. I wonder what will happen to us with a face to these words?

*Victor Hugo

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