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world_pol495The word I have chosen is Map and the eleventh image on google is a map of the world at, or the University of Texas’ Perry-Castaneda Map Collection.

A full list of maps is provided on this site and includes maps offering differing information including:

Physical Maps, Political Maps. Maps of Age Structure, Earth as Art Maps, Ethnic Diversity, Gross Domestic Product per Capita, Historical Maps of the World, Illicit Trafficking Routes, International Map of the World (topographical), Market Size by Gross Domestic Product, Muslim Distribution (Sunni and Shia), Oceans, Ocean Currents and Sea Ice, Standard Time Zones of the World, United States Foreign Service Posts, Vulnerable Single Commodity-Dependent Economies, Water Availability, Water Scarcity, World Aeronautical Charts, World City Maps (University of Texas Map Collection), World City Maps on Other Web Sites,  World Country Maps on Other Web Sites, 2014 Maps and Maps for 1995-2014, and World Topographic Maps.

I went to World Topographic Maps and got a list of options:

Army Map Service Page, Aeronautical Charts Page, U.S. Topographic Maps- Pre 1945. U.S. Topographic Maps 1:250,000, Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Pacific, and United States.

I choose Africa and from there choose Africa 1:100,000,000 and then Abidjan Sheet NB 30, Second Edition, 1942 (3.4MB), where I find a beautiful map drawn by the Service Geographique de l’Armee in 1932, as part of the Geographical Section, General Staff, No 2465, War Office 1940. Second Edition, 1941 with Isogonic Lines taken from British Admirality Chart No. 3775,1942 : marking Towns of importance, Rivers with falls, Canals, Lakes, Salt Lakes, Low ground liable to temporary flood. Marsh, Ground liable to flooding, Oasis, Sandy Desert, and Contours, Formlines. Then Railways (with gauge and number of tracks wrtten above), Metalled roads 1st class, All weather motor roads, Seasonal roads, Other tracks or paths or explorers routes, Telegraph and telephone lines, Post Office and P.O. with telegraph or telephone, Wireless telegraph station. Also marked are the Minaret, Mosque, Fortified house, Lighthouse, Ruins, Water points, Wells, Pools, Mines and Quarries, Trig points, Heights in metres, depths in metres.

So you see this map comes alive, in a distant part of the world to which I have been able to escape. And I offer you the chance to do the same, just click on and travel around the world.

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