Heart (beat) Drops (on leaving) Earth

I have decided to time travel.

The first step is to change my heart, that is to have a heart transplant which can withstand travelling faster than the speed of light. For this to come true I have to be as far from Earth, and any other planet, as can be, as travelling in time requires dark matter, all other matter disintergrating through warp.

‘So beam me up,’ as they say. For my heart transplant shall take place in a space station some ions away from Earth, just in case the heart level drops too low for conditions in the sub-atomic atmosphere of our planet. Here we can be zero degree gravity. My heart can float free!

All done?

Now that my heart beat has dropped to a sufficient level to withstand breaking the law of relativity, I am ready to set my co-ordinates, as I float in search of the dark matter. Found.

Back to a rainy day, where my home stands firm on the soil of which it’s foundations lie. So that I may dream once more of travelling in time.

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