Where am I?
I woke up this morning,
With an open eye,

That’s something,
Last night empty,
For I was a lost being,

What is me?
Cold blood within,
I feel so slimy,

Humid drops on my spongy  skin,
I am drying green,
From the rock hidden,

Lying with a sheen,
Hissing tongue,
I look mean,

My prey brung,
I lick myself bright,
The virtue of hunter sung,

Turn to the star’s sight,
Of which there are a brace,
They say it’s me in the night,

Yes a lizard in space,
One galaxy to another,
Picture my face,

Burn the sun further,
My body ash melt,
Into a spirit brother,

Blown with the wind felt,
I turn into air,
I have become something smaller in this desert’s belt,

Accelerating beyond the speed of light’s share,
I may return, so take care.

<a href=””>Embrace the Ick</a>


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