Surfing BBC Radio website

Most of the recordings I write about can be listened to on the BBC website. I stumble across diverse topics, for example clip readings of the arrival of Picasso on the art scene, as part of book of the week. Strange stories within stories as Picasso is observed in a shop in Montmartre looking at paintings. It is a fifteen minute exert…….

A clip introducing the subject on French politics, during the Algerian war, and the rise of Mitterand, . Frustratingly the whole show is not available as I search for more of the same. I go back to clips searching in the ‘Genre’ of ‘Drama’ and the ‘Format’ of ‘Readings’.

In a tab of the screen: The ‘Listen Live’ button is airing. ‘Any Questions?’, which I decide to ignore in search of more drama: I click on the ‘Genre’ button: Drama, and discover another list of choices: Biographical, Classical and Period, Crime, History, Horror, Legal and Courtroom, Musical, Political, Psychological, Relationships, Sci-fi and Fantasy, Soaps, Thriller and War and Disaster. I chose Sci-Fi and fantasy and I am given a choice of  seven, one of which the viewer is warned can be seen for one more day only: I decide to listen to this: Space Force, Series one: The Voice from Nowhere:; it has its own web page: As I am reporting to you ‘for the record’, I take note of the length of episode 30 minutes, and leave the web page…

I go back on another ‘dock’ to the home page of BBC to see if I reach the same link again, to create my own time warp. BBC, click ‘Radio’, click number ‘4’, go to categories and pick ‘Drama’, filter by ‘Sci-Fi and Fantasy’, and then ‘Space Force, Series one: The Voice from Nowhere.’ There it is. I go back in…and realise there are two series and the episode I am watching was broadcast on series one on 11th October 2007. So they had podcasts in 2007, amazing, be warned though many of the episodes on both series are unavailable…meanwhile on the show, voices are being observed as something else, to the sound of spacey synthesis, reporting on space procedures….15 minutes observed of the 33….and more intimidating synthesised voices.

I realise I am on ‘Radio 4extra’. I change show, pausing the podcast to go to the listen button for live feed of which is the sci-fi sounding Children of the Enemy; I am mistaken though for the stream is no sci-fi; I receive it in another window,   I struggle to understand what is going on: A lady talking about her experience of a train journey when she is a child. I leave, but before see I could have simply read the title:The Children of The Enemy: The story of German children who were fostered by Dutch families after World War II’. Stop. Silence. Back to ‘Space Force’.

TV’s blow up on the show. I go back to the live stream video window, switch it off by the main title bar, and come to an end of the Space Force episode…still with 8 or so minutes to play on the ‘time bar’. Order to shut down ‘Space Force’ pages open. Review surfing closed.

Update and publish.

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