Thank you…

The best thing since sliced bread?

Of course I have to say the best thing since sliced bread is ‘The Daily Post’.

This amazing platform that gives all those aspiring writers, those talented spirits, and those people who just want to share something, a place to experiment with words. Sometimes they may come out wrong but on the whole they are awesome. Whether a line or an essay, it is worth investing time into, because it may have some impact, and become something to remember. In which case there is time to comment on why you like what you like and if you really like it to follow the author. Sometimes people write back to me: I have received comments from published authors, which of course is great, especially if they decide to follow me.

I have posted everyday since I started rising to ‘The Daily Prompt’, by re-reading my entries and re-editing them into something new, within my limit to go over and over my words, and seize the mystery of my mind by making a coherent post. To do this I wait for a spark, like a big bang with all memories accumulated into the present moment, and then I make the calls in the form of a response. So I follow my own judgement, determining that what lies deepest in the heart is the best cause of action, because writing this blog may be the only thing I know how to do. And ‘if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere’.

Somehow if I am able to do that each day, I get by just fine.

I have more confidence in my writing now. You see writing this consumes me in such a way that I disappear into a well where the sun cannot reach.  Because I know that there I can be just me. In the first place I have to like what I write. That takes guts. And then to have the endurance and resilience to see through with what has started. And finally the compassion to connect with others. Of course there is a struggle but behind it something breathes over and over, seizing the mystery, keeping me alive. I suppose it’s the process that gives me satisfaction, that gives me the knowledge that what lives in the present is the right thing to do, that what I am doing is the right call.

Even when I am not at the computer, I am thinking about ‘The Daily Prompt’.

So WordPress we pay homage. Who knows how you do the cool things you do, but keep doing it, because it may lights up this ‘Blogland’ of ours, so creating a democratic space that creates rewards for having participated in the understanding that what happens to you happens to me.

The best thing since sliced bread.

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