Ode to the Potato

O potato, what power have you
You are like a rock in the sky
I look at your colour the ground beneath my feet
You are a pink kiss to my lips.

O potato, the wind brushing the trees around
As you grow on the plot of land of my fairy godmother.

How you grow in all weather
Through changing season
You remind me of a stubborn old man
But with skin like the blade of a knife
I cut.
Your middle looks like a cell of bacteria through the microscope.

Inside you smell like glue, oh what longevity.
O potato, how many of you does it take to feed the world?

And so the lesson you teach: how to survive through every conflict we see.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/cupids-arrow/”>Cupid’s Arrow</a>


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