I have been reading a novelist called Annie Proulx who lives in and writes about Wyoming.

From the novels I know that this was a cattle ranching territory. But I didn’t know that it was visited by American Indian tribes who would hunt in the summer for buffalo and other wildlife. And in the early 1800’s fur traders, trappers and mountain men were all visitors.

geyser with elkGraniteHotSprings-2012Wyoming has steaming hot springs and geysers. The American Indians believed that these springs possessed healing powers. And travellers soaked their feet.

wyoming bisonwyoming cougarwyoming elkThe wildlife spotting for wolves, moose, bison, antelope, deer, coyotes and birds takes place in the woodlands. There is also a National Elk Refuge which houses the largest elk herd on Earth, more than 11,000, and includes bighorn sheep and pronghorn and a herd of buffalo more than a thousand-head strong.

Ice fishing is a popular winter activity at Boysen Reservoir, a well-known walleye and trout fishery.

Dog-sledding too.

I do not ski (of which there is plenty opportunity) but parks maintain gravel footpaths for those who just want to get out and take in the scenery and the fresh winter air or there are walks for snow-shoe enthusiasts!

To catch a good night sleep, beneath beautiful night skies stay at hotels like the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel.

I would have to say that is my dream tourist destination which I would love to visit.

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