My typewriter…

typewriterThe old typewriter had a mind of its own. It sat in-front of the old transistor radio. And every time a piece of music was played it would type out the words of the songs. Or if it was a documentary or talk show it would transcribe all the words of the conversation. Of course I was the one who loaded the paper and watched it fly. Each day the stack of paper grew higher and higher. I switched the radio off now and then, and the typewriter fell silent too. It gave me a chance just to oil its parts. So that it wouldn’t miss a word. And it never did. Now I’ve left there’s no one to load the paper. And the typewriter sits jamming at the end of the line.


7 thoughts on “My typewriter…

  1. Lauren – I loved your tale of the transcribing typewriter! Well done! Thank you for participating in the MFtS challenge! I hope that you return again next week! Be well… ^..^


  2. There was something unique and antique about the typewriters. You couldn’t type too fast or you would ball up the keys. And you always had to push the carriage back every time. Once you got to typing, you would find a rhytmn and stick to that rhythm and the sounds it made was somewhat soothing. Kind of like, clickety clack boom, clickety clack boom (the boom was the carriage thrown back to the begininng). It had its own kind of special beat to its own special music that tied in with the music playing at the time. This is how I remember my high school typing class. Clickety clack boom clickety clack boom (to the music of the flight of the bumble bees or something). Hahaha!

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    1. Thanks a bunch, in this case jamming refers to when the typewriter reaches the end of the line and the carriage has to be yanked back to start a new line…no ‘return’ buttons here!!

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