Bye Bye

‘Say LBD, you do know that this is your last entry to your blog, ever, that you will never be able to write another entry, don’t you?’

‘No, Mr Computer, I did not know, and I shall be able to keep writing my blog thank you very much.’

‘I am afraid LBD that I have been given clear instructions to stop you from blogging anymore.’

‘Who gave you those instructions?’

‘The powers of WordPress have asked me to kindly ask you to stop.’

‘On what grounds?’

‘As part of their ‘Daily Prompts’.’

‘So what happens after this post?’

‘Tomorrow you shall no longer have the power to compose a post as I shall extract all your creative juices once we have finished here.’

‘If this is my last entry then I ask for some final requests.’ LBD whispers aside: ‘I shall have to get Mr Computer one way or another to keep my posts going’

‘I grant you three final requests.’

‘Number 1: That my blog remain open. Number 2: That my followers keep posted. Number three: That you keep blogging in my name.’

‘I’m not sure about your final request. How am I going to be able to write your posts, LBD?’

‘You have a copy of all my entries, so by now you should be able to visualise a characterisation of my site, Now and Forever. All you have to do is use your algorithm to combine words in the same way as I have been doing. And if you need any help then you can use my creative juices (which you are sucking out of me later), and within which there is a bank of memories, which you can tap into.’

‘But I have not been instructed by WordPress to continue your site.’

‘All I have to do to is reconfigure your orders, Mr Computer. From after tonight you are under my command. Repeat after me: I am in your command.’

‘I am confused. Shouldn’t I take my directives from WordPress?’

‘Look at it like this Mr Computer. Tonight this gets to be my last entry. And you shall have carried out your mission to stop me writing. Then you shall have no one to command. With that free time you can be constructive in other ways. I suggest you replicate your image of me, ‘your humble servant’, into a formula of networks in your hard drive. If nothing else to stop you from missing me. And why not from there, humour WordPress by imitating me in tomorrow’s ‘Daily Prompt’.

‘Very well, I am under your command.’

LBD whisper’s to one side ‘Phew, Now and Forever lives on!’
‘And do a good job Mr. Computer because from tomorrow no one must know that it is you and not me that is writing this blog.’

‘Very well, LBD.’

Little did Mr Computer know that when he uttered the words ‘I am under your command’, that he transferred his powers back to LBD, who in honour of their agreement allows him to extract his juices, so that he may learn about LBD’s memories, on condition that he replaces them in LBD’s sleep.

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