Just a reminder…

Just as a reminder to myself: This was written as part of another post ‘Gut Feeling’:

What to write? What to write? What to write?

Staring at a blank page can be a strange, sometimes frightening experience. After all it has limitless possibilities. Words can be manipulated to give any number of different meanings. And sometimes what emerges is furthest from what may make sense, which can be disconcerting. It’s like how did that end up here? Because if I don’t know then I don’t suppose you do. And what doesn’t have an explaination has to stand on it’s own two feet.

So what is there in that start, where does that spark to overcome the fear of writer’s block originate? Is it like a big bang that expands outwards forever? Or does it have some origin in the present? Or is what we are writing a memory of something else? Who knows?

It takes countless re-readings for me to gather some coherence in things. I tend to start with something and expand on it, and then re-write it if need be. But I have to like it in the first place. That in itself takes guts because the human condition can be destructive, (the human mind can be endlessly creative, but it’s destructive qualities may cause harm and it takes guts to live with that possibility so that it can be overcome) and being constructive is a skill for sure. .

Maybe the point isn’t how we get the spark but what we do with it. Maybe that is what takes guts: to have the endurance to see through what we have started, to be resilient in our affairs, and to have compassion with whatever we endeavour to achieve. I suppose it’s the process that gives the satisfaction, that gives the knowledge that what lives in the present is the right thing to do, that what I am doing is the right call.

Of course I look to feedback from fellow bloggers in recognition of what I post. I cannot ignore a ‘Like’ here or a ‘Comment’ there. If I don’t get a response, then I may question the motives behind the entry I make. Self-questioning is fine but it can be a painful experience to have to overcome. So irrespective of your views, I prepare myself for those feelings of rejection, and remember that tomorrow I need guts to be the best blogger I can.

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