Open door…

I have travelled through time to reach here. By passing through the theory of relativity in the vacuum of dark matter.

I open the door and I find Blogland, a universe of on-line correspondences through posts from web users.

In Blogland the heart can beat quicker or slower. Here we use 90% more brain power. That is enough serotonin and dopamine to keep us super happy, extra alert, bright and energetic.

In Blogland I can be just me.

Music from the radio plays in the background. Heavy metal.

I scan the list of entries to ‘The Daily Post’. I see my face in the gravatar as I ‘Like’ this Post. And I am reminded of the meaning behind ‘myleviathan‘ as I watch the creation of a thousand myths form. Suddenly they all merge into one and I fall into The Daily Prompt’s ship floating in cyberspace.

I am looking at a blank page.

I see myself as a ghost, watching myself through the screen, tapping on the keyboard. Tap, tap, tap. A rhythm forming. As I count from one to ten, breathing.

In this future (which we shape) I am part of a world where every human interaction occurs through a computer. In that world things would be different. Systems of communication: political, economic, philosophical, inhabited within the brain’s neural networks and experienced as a visual output on-line.

I am evolving to become a star,
In this dream, colouring a glow,
To mark the time pass like time ago,
To solve the colourless history,
To see flowers growing amidst the cold.

I have the capacity to dematerialize into my hard drive, as I write my entry (in this dream I am spending most of my time writing), only to rematerialize at a future date, once posted.

Watch me let it fly.

I scan the list of entries again, to make sure I am up there, in the grid. ‘If I can make it here, I’ll make it anywhere.’

If you are still reading this, awesome, you are my hero. But remember that this room is open for one post only, as I hasten to shut the door and return to my first breath, travelling back in time to a fragmented soul.

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