My time capsule…

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?

If we could capture experiences I would choose the phenomena of blogging, and use WordPress as an example. After all it captures the essence of sharing in a democratic forum.

As we are talking about capturing the intangible, perhaps we can include a few ghosts, I volunteer my own, to speak on our behalf, in the future.

I suppose we could include a mp3 player, which would probably be antiquated by the time it reaches it’s destination (say how far in time are we going anyhow?), so don’t forget to put in the recharger (in the hope that plug points are still around).

Maybe a camera as well, with our best efforts to picture our environment, to compare and contrast with whatever has changed in the future.

A book, perhaps a current dictionary, after all language changes over time, and I expect in the future some of our words would be incomprehensible.

Maybe we should include the latest in fashion, those futuristic clothes that we see on the cat-walk could probably be worn by whoever has the luck of opening the capsule.

Can we channel our dreams? A dream machine that projects our dreams onto a screen. Or maybe we could include representations. Like current art. That questions our existential, poetic essences.

Some money, as they say: everything in life comes at a cost

Oh, and a newspaper.

Keep posted.

<a href=””>Time Capsule</a>


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