I am good at writing blogs…

Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at?

I would say I am good at writing this blog but I could be better.

First there is opening a page to write a new post. When we meet each other for the first time it stands empty and I feel fright. It is strange because even though there are limitless possibilities as to how we configure our words to derive an intended meaning, I still feel a sense of strangeness. Maybe because it has to be read by strangers who may get a very different sense of what I have written to what I thought I wrote. It’s like how did I end up here? Only you know.

At the start we have a spark, something which happens from nothing, or at least from an empty space. Like a vacuum in which there is a big bang. We watch the spark expand outwards accelerating until it reaches our present. A present which has accumulated memories from the journey. The beauty of it is that it overcomes the fear to write, the fear of writer’s block. I always return to that first spark if I am stuck, in the understanding that the proliferation of random moments makes for a great story.

Gathering together disparate elements to create a unity, can be achieved by reading and re-reading old entries and then piecing them together in a new fashion. In the end I suppose everything comes from something. It is just the same narrative that we tell over and over.

All this is part of an affirmative process. One that requires the endurance to see through what we have started, the resilience to carry on through doubt, and the compassion to be able to reach out to others. In this way we, as we write we construct our own sense of things, creating something that is unique, that lives despite all the negatives that we may feel from time to time. All we have to do is fit into, or give ourselves up to, the process, to live in the present, knowing that what we are doing is the right call.

That’s human nature, I guess, to do something you like. Once written, I feel that the only way to judge the outcome is to see whether I want to read it for myself. I may see receiving feedback as great (I cannot ignore a ‘Like’ here or a ‘Comment’ there), but if I don’t get a response I don’t have to worry because I am pleased with what I have done, and I can escape the perpetual self-questioning: ‘Am I good enough? Am I not?’ that can leave one’s nerves frayed.

All this makes me good at what I do, and wanting to get better.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/i-have-confidence-in-me/”>I Have Confidence in Me</a>



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