My favorite teacher…

This is a poem for all the teachers that I never said thank you to, from nursery through junior school, high school, university and on other courses:

To my favorite teacher,

Thank you for giving me a star,
For watching me grow so far,
Showing me to my seat,
Congratulating me on being neat,
To play on schoolground tar.

Thank you for challenging me,
Telling me off for what I can be,
Showing me how to tie my shoelaces,
Pulling faces,
Showing me different perspectives to see.

Thank you for teaching me to learn by repetition,
For making history become a fiction,
And geography a miss-hit,
Maths: a parallel universe a lit,
That education is not a competition.

Thank you for encouraging me to write sci-fi,
For making my class position high,
Keeping my physical health well,
Showing me composition in piano lit a bell,
And to respect the uniform with my tie.

Thank you for making points to remember,
Asking me to represent my art tutor,
Encouraging my visual perception,
Setting me problems solved through their conception,
And to be one of a number.

Thank you for admitting me to your university,
For making fun of my favorite architectural hereditary,
Of watching me present my drawings,
Until I learnt from others musings,
To leave with a diploma happy.

Thank you for watching my line in life drawing,
For showing me the order to screen-printing,
And the arranging behind flower’s bouquet,
Not to mention the note behind a choir’s hurray,
A small thank you to learn now and forever to being.

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